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Bala Art Studio by Pedro Bala



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Wood Frame

Details on Print Quality:

All photos are printed on Matte, Museum Quality, Archival Fine Art Paper, using the impressive Giclée Method. 

Giclée prints are known for their remarkable color accuracy, detail, and longevity. They are typically printed on Archival Fine Art Paper using pigment-based inks that are fade-resistant, which is designed to last for decades without significant color degradation. 

I prefer this method to print all my photographs because it captures intricate details and vibrant colors, which closely replicates the look and feel of the moment photographed.

Details on Print Sizes: 

Small               8” x 12”  

Medium           12” x 18”    

Large               16” x 24”

Impressive      24” x 36” 

Stoked            32” x 48” 

Inspiring         40” x 60” 

Made in California. Thank You for Supporting Local Art!  :) 

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